AWDC Comp safari race. Norfolk 2015

Spring farm just outside Taverham in Norfolk hosted this leg of the AWDC Comp safari race.. Jesus christ it was fun to shoot. I came away with mud in my hair and all over my face. Loads of fun and cant wait to do something like this again. Cheers for the heads up about this one Adi 🙂

What is compsafari?

Comp-safari ,also known as cross country motorsport is a form of offroad motorsport using mostly but not entirely 4 wheel drive vehicles. The events as they are called are timed against the clock and consist of a number of ‘runs’ anywhere from 4 to 10 runs is common, it depends on the length of the course. Each ‘run’ is normally over 2 miles long and contains features such as jumps, water splashes, logs, narrow gateposts, going through barns etc.
The events added up over a season form a championship with many different classes depending on type of vehicle, engine size, suspension type etc. Although the costs involved of building some of the vehicles may not be that high, the largest expense is in repairs from the harsh terrain. The speeds of some of the vehicles using varied v8 engines and modified components can be awesome.

Each vehicle is identified by a number which is displayed on the windscreen and to the middle of the vehicle as high as possible.The allocated number stays with the vehicle for the year and usually corresponds to where the person finished in the championship the previous year.

More about the event can be found right here

The full album with over 300 images from the day can be seen on my Facebook photography page


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