Bawburgh R4 ROTOR Bunker / RGHQ. November 2015

There is always a site that you pop back to over the years, you know….. That site that is round the corner from your house that you visit 3-23 times a year to see if it is open…. BUT ITS NOT. In fact as the years pass it starts to get less and less likely as they have then placed thick plate steel over every entrance, so the chance of turning up after some vandals have smashed a way in is just not going to happen.

So what a shock it would be that when I am out shooting for my last Blog post the night Bunkers that I get a phone call from one of my regular exploring buddy’s saying the site is wide open and it is a case of come on in through the open door.. So what a surprise when the same night we are then walking around inside the site enjoying it and photographing it.

What then really shocked me was the fact that four weeks after our visit I then get shown images of the access somebody else has done who did not want to wait for several years to get lucky and get in and have actually smashed their way in…. Not cool in the slightest.

What it is

R4 three-level Sector Operations Centre bunker built as part of the ROTOR programme. A fourth floor was later added and the bunker became SRHQ4.1 and later RGHQ4.1

Site was closed and stripped out in 1992. Now owned by Highpoint Communications, who use it as a radio site. They do not use the bunker, and visits are discouraged.

Find out a little more info here if you wish

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8 thoughts on “Bawburgh R4 ROTOR Bunker / RGHQ. November 2015

  1. I knew someone had actually got inside, without ignorantly smashing in destroying somthing of interest . I thought I saw the post on 28dayslater with more pictures but i’m not sure, either way I havn’t been able to find the post since. Are the more photographs of inside?

  2. Yep, shame somebody decided to smash it up so much to get inside. All we had to do was wait for the right opportunity even if it did take a few years

  3. Nope. I did not get taken to court as I did not do anything bad… Why do you ask, did somebody you know have that happen to them?

  4. Where is the exact location of the site as me and a few other urban exploration buddies are planning to go there tonight. Feel free to email me mjlogsdailoliver@outlook.com
    I would like to share with you some photos of the underground bunker we found. It was tiny but everything was preserved and I even found government property toilet paper (looked like tracing paper!) Hope to hear from you Dibs. Kind regards Jade.

  5. I popped in when it was open and security (an older guy) busted me and called the Police however we all ended up shaking hands and the Police even gave me a lift back to my car. A great explore although the 28DL post showed what was beyond the red door….which I did not get into.

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