Model shoots

Caroline Elyssia-Fire Performance

I was asked if I could help out on a video shoot involving a fire performer in Wensum Park in Norwich. I thought why the hell not, something different to do on a Sunday night In good old Norfolk… Luckily I took along my Elinchrom lighting gear and power packs as this provided some great fill in light and allowed us to up the shutter speeds and keep the iso down nicely.. Obviously there are not a lot of shots of the performances as they are restricted to how much fire work they can do, it was a public park and it was not my shoot, so I just picked up the camera when I was finished sorting out the lighting for each bit of filming.

The lighting set-up I went for was a beauty dish to the left of the model with a modelling light turned on and a spill kill to the right of the model with the modelling light on again. This provided just enough light for what we required.

_MG_5175 _MG_5189 _MG_5191 _MG_5234 _MG_5235 _MG_5236 _MG_5239


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