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Eleanor and Sculthorpe

Some point of the start of the year  Eleanor helped me out with a shoot for my uni work, It was linked with a tourism brief I had been set, so when I saw her pop a casting up asking to do a shoot I thought It was only fair if I returned the favour to her.

Eleanor is a keen athlete and a member of the GB Frisbee team, so she was wanting to shoot her sport wear in a desolate location, so what better than going up to the site in north Norfolk that is popular with dog walkers and we knew we would be left undistributed. After shooting a bit of the sports clothing we then decided to put on something a bit more classy and go for some more classic shots still using the same surroundings.

For the lighting I used mainly natural lighting but I also applied a subtle amount of fill in light using a beauty dish and some Elinchrom lights and a power pack. For a few of the shots we also used a speedlight as well so we could balance the light falling onto the model.


And many thanks to John Pinnington for assisting on the shoot as well1A8A4370 1A8A4373 1A8A4384 1A8A4391 1A8A4392 1A8A4426-Edit 1A8A4442 1A8A4455 1A8A4474 1A8A4504


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