Former RAF Coltishall photography workshop

I was asked by Wex Photographic If I could put on a workshop showing people what is left behind in the former RAF Coltishall site, so after a few planning meeting and health and safety checks we managed to get the go ahead to take members of the public onto the site. I jumped at the chance as my dad was stationed at the base and it would also seem that nearly every other person that came along for the trip had either served or had family that served at the Former battle of Britain station.

We had originally planned to take 30 people in 2 groups of 15 over the day, but due to popular demand we had to put on a second date and that also sold out.l The weather for both of the events was nice and everybody had a amazing time, although it did rain right at the end of the second day.

Seeing the photos being taken by the people and offering them the support to improve the images they were taking felt nice and rewarding as not only were they shooting in a new environment but also just enjoying the area they were in for all of its historical reasons..

_MG_0054 _MG_0063 _MG_0088 _MG_0090 _MG_0091 _MG_0102 _MG_0144-Edit _MG_0146 _MG_0155 _MG_0161-Edit _MG_0162 _MG_0170 _MG_0182 _MG_0188 _MG_0189 _MG_0190 _MG_0192 _MG_0203 _MG_1326 _MG_1332 _MG_1363 _MG_1365 _MG_1367 _MG_1374 _MG_1400


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