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Graduation Fashion Show

It was a great privilege to be asked if I could attend on behalf of Norwich University of Arts the Graduation show at The old Truman Brewery In london. So at 9am it was time to jump on the bus from Sunny Norwich, Norfolk and get driven down to the big smoke with all of my camera gear. This event I was unaware of as I had not had a keen interest in Fashion photography until I had shot at the Retailers fashion show for the Norwich fashion week, and I have to say I was bitten by the bug for it. This time it was all the hustle bustle of London and all the comings and goings, but all the same the experience was amazing and loads of fun.

The show being sponsored by big names such as Georgel’oreal, and bourjois so it was a very big deal for the students who attended the show with their masterpieces on display.

The names of the students who showed of their work on the catwalk were:

Yu Mio. Gina Vettese. Naomi Cunningham. Sapphire Plant. Kirsty McKendrick. Sami Hogg. Samantha Fynes. Madison Rose Clay. Victoria Miller. Amy Bull. Diego Preciado. Jessica Clarke. Robyn Moynes. Richard Whitehead. Caitlin Seale. Kirsty Palmer. Laura Rose Samson. Kathryn Bellison

The show saw a completely full house for the event and as soon as that first person walked out all you could hear was the clicking of the endless shutters in the cameras.

I could not decide if I wanted to show all the images or not but thought sod it and decided to post them all on here so you could enjoy them, but do be warned there is over 80 images in this blog.

_MG_1122-Edit _MG_1128 _MG_1135 _MG_1141-Edit _MG_1143 _MG_1146 _MG_1154 _MG_1155 _MG_1163 _MG_1169 _MG_1178 _MG_1188 _MG_1192 _MG_1194 _MG_1204 _MG_1206 _MG_1207 _MG_1212 _MG_1217 _MG_1218 _MG_1222 _MG_1224 _MG_1234 _MG_1236 _MG_1241 _MG_1244 _MG_1251 _MG_1253 _MG_1257 _MG_1261 _MG_1265 _MG_1271 _MG_1272 _MG_1275 _MG_1281 _MG_1283 _MG_1289 _MG_1299 _MG_1301 _MG_1303 _MG_1309 _MG_1322 _MG_1336 _MG_1346 _MG_1353 _MG_1358 _MG_1361 _MG_1373 _MG_1377 _MG_1380 _MG_1385 _MG_1392 _MG_1399 _MG_1405 _MG_1409 _MG_1416 _MG_1423 _MG_1425 _MG_1435 _MG_1439 _MG_1443 _MG_1444 _MG_1446 _MG_1451 _MG_1454 _MG_1466 _MG_1473 _MG_1478 _MG_1489 _MG_1504 _MG_1516 _MG_1527 _MG_1532 _MG_1539 _MG_1559 _MG_1566 _MG_1570 _MG_1588 _MG_1591 _MG_1599 _MG_1606 _MG_1610 _MG_1616 _MG_1619 IMG_0772 IMG_0788


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