Joe Ringer Band at Potters Leisure resort, Norfolk.

Getting a nice phone call while at a shoot asking if I could shoot a very known local band that can blast out some rather cool music. The following words taken from their website, this is what they have to say about themselves. So it was off to the  Potters Resort in Hopton Norfolk for a night of top entertainment.

‘We’re not your run-of-the-mill wedding band ‒ our set is built around the songs YOU love and put together in such a way to guarantee your guests will be up and dancing all night. We play all the party hits from the 1960’s through to today’s chart toppers, from The Beatles and Stevie Wonder to Bruno Mars and Daft Punk. We keep the band’s repertoire up to date, with our sets always featuring new songs by current artists’ 

An absolute pleasure to be shooting and also getting to listed to the amazing set-up on the night, so here are a few images for you to have a look over

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