Norfolk photographer documenting landscape architecture decay

Dibs is a Norfolk photographer documenting landscape architecture decay and the history of these locations. He likes to challenge people’s perceptions of decaying objects and how they co-exist on the land.
He is conscious of the environment and surroundings. Enhancing these environments with different camera techniques. These include long exposure photography, light painting and using an element of both ambient and artificial-light to create his images.
As a ambassador for Formatt-Hitech filters, he is regularly out shooting long exposures.  These create a surreal or ethereal feeling within his work that is full of colour and pin sharp details.

Work he has been creating has been shortlisted for numerous prizes nationwide. This has also seen him working alongside some of the country's biggest names.

Dibs work is represented by the Millennium Images Agency in London, all his works you can purchase directly through them or licence them for commercial use.

The Masters plan

After how well his project called Night Bunkers  was received, he is now working on a far bigger project that is yet untitled for his Masters Degree studies. Night Bunkers is nowhere near completed and plans are in place to shoot more of the World War 2 fortifications later in 2018.

The new project is in a form a continuation of night bunkers, the two projects will co exists very well and are a important place in our history. You  will have to keep an eye on my social media pages and website for more information. Plans are in place and things being finalised.... All he can say is that it is going to involve a lot of WW2 history and will finish with some of my child hood memories of growing up at the end of the Cold War era in the East of England..... A very unique area