My projects or personal work practice invloves long term projects looking at locations in The British Isles.

You will find me documenting sites as they sit in situ now.

The themes around my work will include: The way land forms and how mans interaction can change this. I have a interest in local military history, including the remnants of the architecture left behind by war. I also shoot locations at night. Applying my own lighting to the locations that mixes with the natural ambient light or light pollution.

My driving motion is discovering what is out there and being able to show you. By using my photographic style as way of story telling, yet documenting in a historical sense what these locations looked like at the time I visited them.

Unfortunately we now live in a time where sites are cleared quickly to make way for ‘development’ as it is called. If we are not careful we will soon loose all the important locations that make up our history. History can mean thousands years old or within living memories of our parents, regardless these sites, location or places, no mater what we call them are a part of our countries history and should not be forgotten.