Postwick new bridge

With the development of the New Northern Distribution Road well under way, I knew it would not be long till some heavy machinery came along so we could pop down and get some photos of them in action. I had hoped for static cranes, but instead had to settle for a 1000t mobile crane from Ainscough. You will most likely recognise the name as you will see them crawling up and down the motorways around the country.
This particular lift that the cranes had come to do would be spread over 3 weekends and the A47 main road would have to be shut for this to happen. With the local press keeping everybody updated with the closures and re opening of the roads it was great to see some of the work being completed well ahead of schedule

I had wanted to go check it out during the other closures, but due to other photo shoots I was just too busy, so with a photoshoot finishing at 10pm I thought it would be perfect to go and pick up my mate and go get some photos of the monster sized crane. I was a bit gutted that the crane they had this time was a smaller one, but hey ho, this thing was still a monster and much bigger than what you usually see around Norfolk. We parked the car right out of the way and headed up to the best vantage point we could find, and it was perfect as we could hear the guys talking to each other, so new we did not have long to wait for the next massive section of the bridge to be lifted into place.

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