Sleeping citys night architecture is a collection of wanderings at night around various locations. No motives behind the making of the work other than wandering the streets of the City’s and the surrounding areas to see how man made light interacts with the dark skies and  the architecture.

The 90s song ‘Londinium’ by the amazing band Catatonia always bounces around inside my head that has the lyrics

London never sleeps, it just sucks
The life out of me, and the money from my pocket
London always creeps, showbiz hugs
The life out of me, have some dignity honey
Euston, Paddington, train station please
Make the red lights turn green, endlessly
My black cab rolls through the neon disease
Endlessly, endlessly’

Even though the words doing point to shooting in the City at night it has always made me think of it, so I decided to start documenting the city after dark. A time when most people have gone home and sit in front of the TV and unwind after a stressful day at work.

The streets then become my playground leaving me to shoot what I perceive to be the interesting pools of light that illuminate something of interest to myself and the camera lens.

Shooting the long exposures as the clouds in the sky move along with the trails of light from passing cars and buses nobody bats an eye lid at me just doing my thing with my trusty tripod and camera minding my own business as we do.

The Work is based around the streets of Norwich, but as my travels go other places I enjoy to shoot these site as well, something for everybody to see and enjoy.