Thames steel

When the Steel mill closed in 2012 I knew there and then that I wanted to get inside it and check it out. But little did I know that due to my lazy ass and work schedule it would be 2 years later when I would walk in the door and my jaw would drop on the floor in pure amazement of the scale of the site. How had I managed to neglect this big industrial monster that was only a short drive away from Norfolk. So nice one to Wevsky for the map 2 years ago lol

When we were walking around it was just amazing that the amount of dust was there,the wind was howling through the site and the sun beaming in through every available nook and cranny creating some of the best light beams I have ever seen. After around 4 hours of covering half of the ground floor and the 1stfloor we decided that we would head off to our second location and make sure that we came back soon for a re-visit.

In January 2012 the site all of a sudden shut with the loss of 350 Jobs. The site had previously been sold to Al-Tuwairqi Group (ATG) in 2002 when its previous owners went into liquidation. But obviously things did not improve.
There are now rumours in the local press that part of the site could open as a rolling mill by the summer of 2015 creating 120 jobs.
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