The scrapyard in the woods

Deep within the woods in the middle of Norfolk there is a old scrapyard that one of my friends told me about a couple of years ago now. This site is a treasure trove of old things motor related. I was shocked at the amount and variety of vehicles that are littered around the site, and also at the size of the place as well. Rumour has it that it is owned by the Medlars family¬†and going back to the 1940’s there was a fully functioning slaughter house on the land. You can see the remains of this now, but it is starting to look like it will fall down anytime soon.

I have visited the site numerous times now and it is great to see it is being cleared up and there are lots of dangerous for the environment fluids and things like asbestos laying everywhere, but at the same time it’s sad as nature has well and truly taken over the site and started to reclaim it all for herself.

One time we visited there was workmen there with brush cutters cutting away at the weeds, and at the other end of the site, they were just dragging the old rust vehicles about with diggers and loading them all into HGV trailers to dispose of them all.

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