Thetford Forest fire

It came as no shock (unfortunately) as this sort of thing happens all to often in the summer, as the news came on saying that there was a small fire in Thetford forest.

It had been blistering hot all week and there had even been a new July highest temperature set for the United Kingdom. Summer and heath fires seem to go hand in hand, but this one would end up burning some 36 acres of forest land and also end up taking 2 days to get extinguished.

When we arrived on the site to see about taking some images, we explained our intent to the Fireman on site who was in charge and he was OK with us doing so as long as we stayed in a certain area that we said we would do so. So we walked around for the time we had before it got dark and started shooting what was left of the woodland and the new form it had become. From the look of what was left a lot of it will recover and be able to carry on doing its amazing thing with nature, but it is still upsetting to see all the wildlife that would have been there now destroyed. At the fires worst it took the resources of over 60 fire personnel to contain the fire and required the joint work of the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire fire services.

We had hoped to get there and get some shots of the sunset and the damage that had been done, but due to the location and other woodland around the site, this was impossible, so we settled for the images that you will see below.

Cheers for the company Darren and Ian

_MG_4089 _MG_4090 _MG_4091 _MG_4092 _MG_4093 _MG_4100 _MG_4101 _MG_4108 _MG_4109 _MG_4110 _MG_4112 _MG_4113 _MG_4116 _MG_4118 _MG_4119 _MG_4121




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