Wolf’s Child

Nestled  within one of the many National Trust sites located in the beautiful county of  Norfolk a dream came true. Three years in the making the year,  2015 saw the show Wolf’s Child come to life as one of the many productions in the  Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Created by the amazing Wildworks Theatre Company and hosted in the site of Felbrigg Hall deep  in the woodland estate in North Norfolk this company  took advantage of the location basing their production within the  Hall, Gardens and the woodland surrounding  the stunning home using the talents of  local arts organisation Tin House for some of the stages and scenes.

I was asked if I could facilitate a lowlight workshop so that 10 Wex Photographic customers could come along and have  the opportunity to  shoot a theatre rehearsal in action, as well as, learn some of the skills needed to shoot in a low light environment. This was an interactive opportunity and the learning gained here can now  be applied to a number of other location shoots for thoses who booked on.  It was stretching for all the  participants, but there were some great outcomes.My focus as tutor was on helping out the fellow photographers, but i did take a few images for myself, so everybody had plenty of fun and learnt a lot from the experience as a whole.

I hope my images give you a sense of what the show ambience. I also attach reviews of the show from The Guardian and The Times……Enjoy!

The Guardian 

The Times

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