Model shoots

A Blue Bell wedding

Today I was asked if I could assist on my friends shoot, it was  model shoot deep in the woods, nothing odd like it is normally, but we were to be shooting a Bride and Groom in a staged shoot. So not very far out of Norwich, Norfolk we headed out to a nice bluebell custer that was not to far away. It was now the end of the season and the local deer had well and truly been squashing them all over the place. You could see the spots they had been rolling around in. The shoot was great fun and within two hours we had all the shots that we wanted, and I even managed to sneak in a couple of different shots for myself at the end too So it was then time to pack up and make a retreat back to the car, as we had to get the models dropped off as they had other places to be.


End of the day it was good fun to do something different, and nice to help a very good friend out with his work too, till next time.









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