Welcome to my series called Night Bunkers.

What started off as a 3rd year  University project in 2015 has now become a passion.

For my 3rd-year dissertation piece I started off with photographing the occasional pillbox and bunker in Norfolk, as my theme developed I found I was driving over 500 miles over 2 nights around East Anglia to document all the WW2 structures that I find interesting in both location and appearance. I photograph them during the night and dusk or dawn so I get to see these structures at a time you would not normally visit.

  It is my way of saying thank you to all those men and women who looked over us and were prepared to be on the front line had an invasion of Great Britain happened all those years ago.

It is now  over 70 years since the end of the war so to I pay tribute in my own way I have started to mark out and plan long weekends away to enable shooting the whole of the UK coastline to document all the different types of defenses, whether they be pillbox, bunkers, airfields, Navy ports or old army barracks.

All the information I have provided has been found online and is as accurate as what I have read and I would like to thank the support of the Pillbox study group.

If you ever see an interesting structure while out walking then feel free to take a photo and drop me an email with the location and I will see about visiting it.