Sony A7III motorbike racing circuit test

Sony A7III motorbike racing circuit test

I was helping to run a taster day at Snetterton Race track for Wex Photo Video Events and was luckily enough to be loaned the new Sony A7mkIII camera and the Sony 100-400mm G master lens.

I am going to keep this very short, I am terrible at writing at the best of times. But since using the camera I was admitted to hospital via A&E with a massive eye infection that resulted in me nearly loosing one of them (not my shooting eye). I am on the road to recovery now though.  So expect very bad writing

I am no tech buff and all the gadgets on cameras that do this or that are not for me. I just like good old fashioned reliable auto focus and a crisp clear image. I had not used any of the Sony A7 range of cameras before this day, but I have shot a lot of fast stuff, so I went for a shutter speed between 1/125th and 1/200th sec and iso was stuck on 125 for the day, the Aperture value was fixed at between f/7.1 and f/9 through the day and these following shots. All the images were shot hand held.

I had the camera on Single point to start with then changed it to the option that allows you to change the position on the A/F point and also track within the set square, I cant for the life of me think what that is called and I blame passing out in hospital and my rubbish memory for that.

Once that was done the camera behaved exactly how I expected and was fun to shoot with and would happily have one in my camera bag if finances allowed.

Editing the shots was as nice as well, lots of range to be able to play with as you would be expecting from a full frame sensor and now that Lightroom has updated to be able to read the files on this camera it is all good

Sony A7III motorbike racing circuit test Images



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