Model shoots

Step Tone Thirtynine in Norwich

I decided as I was wanting to see my mate hard at work, that I would take my camera out and go have a play with him finishing of a commission that he was doing in Norwich for a exciting new sports centre that is opening. The theme of the place is trampolines and will be something new for Norwich. From what we saw it is going to be a epic place with lots of space for keeping fit and having fun at the same time.

Image wise it was nothing overly special as I was worried about getting spay paint that was floating all around the place all over my lens, something I was not all to keen on.

_MG_0017 _MG_0037 _MG_0045 _MG_0048 _MG_0075 _MG_0088 _MG_0108 _MG_9997


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