The Caves of Drach. Porto Cristo, Mallorca.

Another one of our day trips while on Holiday, this one was fab as it was well under ground so nice and cool. It again was a good chance too have a play around with the Fuji x30 in a different environment. I have got so say, it was at this point I was really missing the dslr and its capability’s, as these images are no where near as good as they could have been. but considering this is a site that the website says no photography, flash or tripods, I think it did ok. So with all the shots being sot at iso 3200 around 1/40th sec handheld you will just have to use your imagination a little as too how nice this place is in real life. As I also found out that the tour guides are not keen on you placing your camera down and illuminating the cave with 3 torches I just so happened to have in my camera bag while in holiday in spain….. Oops


The Caves of Drach were known in the Middle Ages and explored in 1880 by M.F. Will and in 1896 by E.A. Martel, who discovered the cave with the lake that bears his name.
The cave was remodelled for visitors between 1922 and 1935: a new entrance was made, paths were designed and ladders built. An electrical lighting plan designed by the engineer Carles Buigas was also installed.

The lands on which the caves are found date back to the Miocene period, and water seeping through cracks formed the shapes inside, composed of calcium carbonate together with minerals that were swept down from the surface, allowing visitors to appreciate the different shades that appear in them.

The formations that hang from the ceiling are stalactites and those that rise from the ground are stalagmites. You can also make out columns, walls and root-like stalactites. Lake Martel is around 170 metres long, and its depth varies between four and 12 metres. The cave is around 25 metres deep. The stalactites are growing at a rate of around 1 cm per 100 years.

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DSCF1257 DSCF1269


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