Model shoots

The Fools go to London

Having a few chats about the potential to do a fun photo shoot with the circus guys, we decided to head on down to London and see what we could find to shoot around. We found a nice spot to stop off at in Cambridgeshire and then it was all systems go to central London.

Once we found a decent parking space it was off to Tower bridge then the riverside walk. Just as we started to get our lighting set up Mt security guard come along and try s to shoe us off, so after a bit of the verbal  he goes away and the police turn up and tell us we are OK.. So five mins after they go the sprinkler system turns on so it is time to be moving on. 5 mins walk along the river away from the supposed private property we find a nice spot to set up for a spot of filming and messing about.

The one thing I learnt from this trip was that my speed lights are not manly enough for illuminating the subjects when it is dark, so I think It will be back to the drawing board before the next session with these guys.

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